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Bu scored 6/9 (=6th, 0.5 points behind joint first place getters) at the Aeroflot Open (2003), and in December 2003, he won the 10th Aceimar International Open in Mondariz with 7.5/9.

In 2004, he scored 5.5/9 in the Reykjavik Open (2004).

"I don't think romance can be taught, because it's based on emotions, chemistry and gut feelings.

However, mindsets and perspectives can be changed to improve your overall dating experience and thus increase the possibility of romance," said the high-spirited Xu, who moved to the US at eight and is also a dancer and TV host.

Some might be born experts in the art of seduction, while others need a bit of help. The Beijing native started offering dating advice in New York City two years ago, and since then has seen her career rise.

She now coaches men face-to-face or online around the world, with a focus on Beijing and New York.

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This is a great place to come, littered with temples and shrines, and, at a mere 12 square km, is easily navigated and covered in a few relaxing days.

Amidst such an environment, a stroll around the mountain or an immobile day at the beach is equally attractive.

On top of all this, Mount Putuo has some of China’s greatest seafood on offer.

With her own coaching website entitled and a series of videos under her pseudonym Miss Singlefied on Youtube, the 31-year-old has established herself as one of a growing number of dating coaches in the US and China.

The profession took off in recent years in light of a more confusing and complicated dating environment caused by rapid social shifts, such as easily accessible technology and the emergence of non-traditional households.

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