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"It's about how good of a person you are," Adrienne told TMZ about their relationship. He's very giving, he mentors at the mission, works with at-risk children, and gives his time and money to get children off the streets," she added.Maloof has remained mostly tight-lipped about her divorce since she and husband Paul Nassif announced the news last July.

The 51-year-old recently struck up with Sean Stewart, Rod Stewart's 32-year-old son."This started as a business relationship and now we're casually dating," Maloof told .

"It's casual, real casual." Get all the scoop on pilot season When Maloof says casual, she wasn't kidding!

The couple were spotted Friday getting lunch at a Mc Donald's drive-thru.

An American Airlines security chief asked Rod Stewart’s son what he was doing there and Sean replied, “I’m waiting.” The incident happened on February 17 when authorities took Stewart into custody and charged him with unlawful entry into a restricted area.

He was bailed out of Miami Dade County Jail the next day.

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