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Yet the very ease of those early games had an adverse effect on Murray’s intensity levels.

As he explained afterwards, “When you get off to a quick start, it’s easy to start to think ahead.

Three different excursional paleomagnetic directions were reported from eight volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field in New Zealand: north-down (ND) directions obtained from five volcanoes, west-up (WU) from two volcanoes, and south-up (SU) from one volcano.

Andy Murray managed not to drop the baby – figuratively speaking - on his return from paternity leave, putting away an uninspiring opponent in Taro Daniel and thus claiming the essential first point of this Davis Cup match against Japan.

Great Britain did not hang onto their lead for long, as Dan Evans was unable to resist the all-court athleticism of world No6 Kei Nishikori.

K-Ar ages have been reported for two of these volcanoes: 27±5 (1σ) ka for the Wiri volcano of the ND group and 55±5 ka for the Hampton Park volcano of the WU group.

In the present study, we have carried out further K-Ar age determinations on three other volcanoes and obtained reliable ages for two of them: 30±5 ka for the Puketutu volcano of the ND group and 50±6 ka for the Mc Lennan Hills volcano of the SU group.

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