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No point coming to these review platforms and complaining , as with anything in life there aint no guarantees folks..I can say (from experience) that if you find a good one they can lead to a fulfilling relationship. I asked y don't we exchange numbers, told me "she" had my number already.. I have had some really great conversations with humorous people so in my book the site is okay it could just be a lot better if they'd run it properly. In all the time I've been there, all women are, nurses and working in Africa."The driver has told us that the rider became angry that they were going to the entered destination and requested to exit the car.I am from Mumbai and the person who stole my pictures and made fake account with name shreya kowshik is from delhi. I hope u know I've continued to keep a log of this app.will eventually be sued if u don't restructure how you do is used but doesn't have allot of credibility and is probably one of the worst apps ever for customer service/relations ive EVER seen .y'all obviously don't care.alot of options but crappy for any adult..should be LABELED UNDER 18 only..normal ppl can't talk on there So many people trolling with shi**y opinions but I think they are just bitter because theyve realised that net dating isnt the be all and end all. I report any harassment but they just recreate their profiles to continue even if I've sent proof of the person being a sex offender.She is now appealing for the taxi driver to come forward, so that she can thank him for his kindness.Miss Carbines described him as a slim Londoner with grey hair, square framed glasses, and a "kindly face", who had been working as a driver for 20 years.Swiss-Belhotel International has announced the opening of Grand Swiss-Belresort Tala Bay Aqaba, the group’s first 5-star in Jordan.Part of the wider Tala Bay development, the 336-room beachfront property is located on the Red Sea with 80 percent of the rooms facing the marina.

We have members from all over the country and aged from 18-80 we have someone for everyone.This is my crib Don't touch a thing it's all expensive shit I say offensive shit, don't mind me But the truth is it's kinda just me Guess I'm kinda mean, I don't give a fuck Sippin' on lean, I don't give a fuck Smokin' my weed, I don't give a fuck Your bitch with me and I bet I'm gon' fuck Yeah, do you like drugs? Good, I guess we're in luck, yup Kush: got it, coat - check Slippin' me a note like a coat check Meet me upstairs, to the elevator When I got there she was half-naked I was half-baked, baby got caked I was half-baked, baby got caked, yeah [Pre-Hook: YG] After the club we go back to the crib I got a bag full of drugs, so hoe what it is She said her dad's a thug and her mum's a square So after the club she coming back to the crib [Hook: YG] And we gon' have a mansion party, have a mansion party Have a mansion party at my mansion And we gon' have a mansion party, have a mansion party Have a mansion party at my mansion [Verse 2: DB Tha General] We in a mansion, any bitch we stampin' None of 'em cost more bitch tell em 'what's happenin'? She said: "I'd want to say thank you so much for saving me essentially when I couldn't get home."Your kindly disposition and act of humanity really cheered me up, please meet me as I owe you £10 and a drink.

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